Our Story

It has been 10 years that Gizoon has provided considerate and practical home furniture for customers for years. Now Gizoon has over 500 staff with a professional product R&D Dept. an efficient logistics Dept, and a sales and customer service Dept so our customers can get after-sales support within 24 hours.

Gizoon currently has a total of 20 warehouses in the United States in order to ensure the fastest delivery of this "exclusive gift" from Gizoon to all our loyal customers. Gizoon strives to seamlessly blend comfort, practicality, health, and environmental protection into your life.We highly value establishing long-term partnerships with everyone who cherishes life and family, creating every high-quality and user-friendly household product to connect and transfer love and happiness better. Allow yourself to constantly relax in the cozy embrace of your home. Whether you are alone or with family and friends, we are willing to show you the details and care of life.


Gizoon has always used high-quality materials that have been carefully selected. The quality of materials determines the lower limit of furniture.

In addition to the appearance and style of the products, Gizoon also cares about the most basic needs of furniture, which are strength, stability and safety.


For ten years, Gizoon has been committed to building an understanding of simple, elegant, and natural-style furniture products.

Under the control of dozens of senior designers, its products have always been fresh and unique without losing connotation, and are deeply favored by Gizoon enthusiasts with their simple and natural labels.


Gizoon's control of product quality and construction of product style are based on the concept of environmentally friendly furniture.

Gizoon joins the Environmental Protection Association every year to jointly invest in environmental protection. Make the entire industrial chain environmentally friendly and circular, make every ingredient fully utilized.


As a major furniture brand for ten years, Gizoon has sales channels all over the world.

This ensures a steady stream of shipments. Control the quality of every product. Gizoon's strict standards of manufacturing factories are precisely to provide customers with exquisite and high-quality products.

Gizoon hopes to give you a perfect shopping experience. It has always been Gizoon's vision to bring you a simple, comfortable and beautiful life. Thank you for choosing and trusting Gizoon.