Gizoon AP23 5 Drawers Chest Modern Design Cabinet with Large Storage Capacity

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Product description

The pure white cabinet with a modern style look can be matched in bedroom, living room, office, hallway, and so on. It can decorate your home while provide you with more storage space,and make it easy for you to become an organizer.

Rounded Corner Design

Different from square, sharp corners, the graceful dresser's corners are rounded. In a degree,it can protect children from bumps.

Embeded Handle

Ulike other raised handles, the handle of this cabinet is built-in. It has a delicate look and at the same time allows you to easily pull out the drawer.

Silent Slide Rail

When you pull the drawers, you can feel like as smooth as skate on the ice. Make you enjoy the qiute.

The Awesome Security of Safety

Are you still worried about the safety of falling cabinets hurting your family, especially children? Don't worry, the anti-toppling device will help you. The anti-toppling device is made of tough metal, after being installed properly, it tightly fixes the cabinet to the wall, and you do not have to worry about the dresser falling down.