Gizoon AP13 Storage Cabinet with Doors & 1 Drawer and Adjustable Shelves Anti-Tipping

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Color: Dark Brown

Product description

About Gizoon Tall Storage Cabinet

Gizoon tall storage cabinet is consisted of the 2 cabinets with doors and a total of 5 compartments. Made of high-quality MDF board with a waterproof painted finish, the practical bathroom stand can be clean and maintained easily. With large capacity,the cabinet will enhance your life by making an otherwise messy bathroom more organised.

Anti-tipping Device to Ensure Safety and Stability

The Gizoon tall storage cabinet is equipped with an anti-tilt device that secures the cabinet to the wall with an anti-tilt device. Heavy objects and shaking are no longer a concern, making your family's safety more secure. It is not only safe but also sturdy.

Handle with Metallic Luster

The cabinet door handle is mushroom shaped, with a rounded shape away from sharp points to keep you safe. The handle protrudes for easy grip and comfort in the hand, making it easy to open and close the cabinet. It is painted with a metallic lustre, giving a simple and premium visual appearance.

Elegant Cabinet Base

The cabinet base with curved shape, simple and elegant style can embellish your bathroom. The cabinet uses sturdy materials that are not only not easily deformed but also not easily corroded and can withstand heavy objects. It is exquisite and at the same time solid and durable.

Smooth Drawer

The drawers with two-section slide-to-rail process are lacquered , which is not only resistant to wear and tear, but also has a high load capacity. Silent in use, smooth pulling. When placing items, the entire cabinet barrel can be withdrawn for more convenient storage.

Multiple Choices in Gizoon

Bathroom collection, consisting of Tall bathroom storage cabinet, Freestanding floor storage cabinet and Over the toilet storage cabinet, which is the combination of elegance and high capacity.

Selecting the cabinets of specific size in your bathroom makes your life much more convenient and comfortable. There is always one that will suit for your bathroom. For more details, click on the Gizoon store.








Adjustable Shelf, Doors,Drawer

Adjustable Shelf,Double Doors ,Wooden Rack



9.1"D x 23.7"W x 66.1"H

Assembly Required