Gizoon CC11 Outdoor Storage Shed with Metal Base Frame and Double Lockable Doors

Sale price$249.99
Size: 6' x 4'
Color: Dark Gray

Product Description

Gizoon 6 x 4 FT Outdoor Storage Shed

The outdoor storage shed features a large storage space, ideal for storing garden tools, step ladders, shovels, lawnmowers, toys and more.

UV Resistant & Waterproof

The shed is made of galvanized steel as a whole and the unique painting technology makes the shed UV-proof and the stored items will be kept intact. The roof adopts groove and slop design that allows rain to flow down quickly and avoid water build up, protecting your stuff in thunderstorm weather.

Versatile Functionality

The garden shed is perfect for outdoor since such as the backyard, garden, patio, lawn to store your gardening and landscaping supplies like mowers, power tools, or bicycles, and other items.

The outdoor storage can also be used as a pet house, pets can get enough air and keep warm even in bad weather.

The tool shed also can use as a garbage collection room to keep the backyard tidy.

Internal Base Frame

The tool shed is equipped with an Internal Base Frame(not included floor), you just need to add a suitable size board on top of the frame or you can put cement on it, so that your stored items will not directly touch the ground, even if it is raining your items will not get wet.

More importantly, in this way, the contact area with the ground can be increased, thereby enhancing the stability of the garden shed.

This design is a feature that other sheds of the same size do not have.

Durable Steel Beam

The garden storage shed uses a thicker steel beam and a more durable framework for safe and all-weather purposes.

Vents Design

The design of the vent protects the dry state of your items.

Plastic Protection Shell

The anti-collision protection and screw protection shell avoid hurt, making it safer to use the backyard storage shed.

Lockable Doors

The doors are equipped with a lock that can perfectly protect your stuff outdoor.

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